Fecha de publicación: 02/06/2023
Porsche 908/3 WRE Special / ELECTRIC DREAMS by NSR
908 3 ED NSR
Electric Dream Team – Limited Edition
The fifth Electric Dreams 30th Anniversary collection model is once again signed by NSR. It is a very special slotcar model for the American company since it is a replica of the car that the Electric Dreams team traveled to Italy used in the last edition of the WRE organized by NSR.
A 1:32 scale Porsche 908/3 designed by and prepared by Michel Niemas and stamped by NSR itself.
Only 100 units of this model will be put up for sale and six more (Race Mode) with the competition specifications with which took part in the WRE.
This model can be purchased and pre ordered through Electric Dreams

NSR ED006a - Porsche 908/3 - WRE Special - Electric Dream Team - Limited Edition
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