Fecha de publicación: 26/05/2017
Collecting slotcars, design and artists
Albert Boet
We have to recognize the work of Racing Car Liveries Designers.
Often established things, old ideas and concepts need to be shacked to revive them and probably generate new ways of understanding them. In the world of collecting, and the slotcar sector is no stranger to it, there are many ways to set a guideline to limit the pieces that make up a collection. Extensive, such as F1, GT, Rally, for example. More concrete such as brands: Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, ...; By races: Monaco, Indy, Dakar ..., by drivers: Schumacher, Follmer, Fangio, Lauda, etc ... by winners of ...; for … for…

The list is endless; each one establishes in a rational way their priorities, their tastes, their limitations.
There are collections that are even marked by the reproduction of the own collections on a 1: 1 scale, such as the BMW Art Car, or the one that only collects cars that are part of the Mercedes Museum.

For years, the cars we collected showed a chromatic aesthetics and livery design that was the result of the team itself and later the needs imposed by sponsors. From there were born collections like Gulf, JPS, Jagermeister ... the list is endless.

But in recent years the world of competition has surrendered to new trends. And this could lead to a new line of collecting.
The teams are commissioning Design Studios to dress their cars. The need to differentiate, the need to draw attention beyond the results on track has proliferated authentic specialists, true artists in dressing racing cars with spectacular and radical liveries.

The models that today look on the shelves, those that captivate to the eye, have been dressed by a designer, by an artist. His name is often anonymous, do not charge royalties for reproduction, unless we know, and at most the manufacturer that reproduces it to scale does not forget to put his signature that always appears in the body as a sponsor.

It is a new way. It is a new road, and as all roads serve to advance, to grow in knowledge, no doubt also ideal for the slot.
If you see a car that you like do not stay in the classic concept of Driver, Brand, Race ... Behind that chromatic aesthetic there is a real artist. He too deserves recognition.

From SlotCar Today we will try as much as possible to make them known; We will help open the way.
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