Fecha de publicación: 17/02/2023
Renault 2023 / SLOT CAR VIDEO
New E-Tech range presented on Slot Track
Renault kicks off 2023 with a new original advertising film that presents the manufacturer's current and future 100% electric E-Tech range. The film presents the latest 100% electric Megane E-Tech and Kangoo E-Tech along with the R5 and Scenic Vision prototypes that will give rise to production models in 2024. As well as the Renault 4Ever Trophy, presented at the Motor Show of Paris and that it will also be a reality in 2025.
To stage these current and future models, Renault has chosen to transfer us to a classic game, the Slot Car Racig. By referring to our first contact with an electric car: that of a slot car track! It's very attractive and accomplished, with very careful attention to detail, much like the R5 that can be seen charging on a terminal. To accompany the film, Renault has chosen the highly evocative title “Electricity” from Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark. A piece premiered in 1979.
If the huge circuit featured in the advertisement does not exist in The Originals Renault store, the miniatures are, for the most part, available on request. Only two models are missing: the Renault 4 and the Scenic Vision.
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