Fecha de publicación: 29/05/2018
Interview L. M. Arnau, SCX Ceo: In 2019 there will be great surpriseses.
1:32 is postponed until next year.
In an interview recently given to the magazine Juguetes b2b, Lluis Maria Arnau, Scale Competicition Xtreme S.L. company CEO ratified the information published in March on SlotCar Today. We thank Ediciones Just for the authorization to reproduce the interview in its entirety, which we consider of great interest to brand fans and followers.

Interview with Luis M. Arnau, Scale Competition Xtreme SL CEO

"Our first step is to refresh the image of Scalextric, looking for younger and current codes"

Scale Competition Xtreme S.L. company was created in mid-2017 and is the new responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the iconic Scalextric (SCX) tracks and slot cars brand, in Spain. Luis M. Arnau -second generation of the Arnau family, owner of Exin, the toy company that launched the Scalextric brand for the first time-, is the Company CEO, and in this interview explains the reasons for the creation of Scale Competition Xtreme SL, its plans for the brand of tracks and slot cars, and also points out the trends that mark the toy market.

- When and with what objective was Scale Competition Xtreme SL born?

- In 2015 we had the opportunity to obtain ownership of the Scalextric (SCX) brand and tooling, and in mid-2017 SCX S.L. (Scale Competition Xtreme S.L.) was born with the aim of giving continuity to a great product that, under the renowned Scalextric brand, has an iconic position in the Spanish market. With SCX S.L. now Scalextric is once again the sole objective of the company.

- Why have you decided to relaunch the Scalextric brand?

- In truth it is not about a re-launch of the brand, since since 1962 it has permanently maintained a notable presence in the market. SCX S.L. it is formed by people with extensive experience in Scalextric, so we know both the product and the really important values of the brand, which have allowed it to lead its market segment for many years. Our first step is to refresh the Scalextric image, looking for younger and more current codes.

- How do you propose the re-launch of the brand? What actions do you have planned?

- Once analyzed the positioning and marketing of Scalextric, we decided to update each of the processes involved in the product, from the creation to its commercialization. With this we get a product with a much more dynamic and current image.
This year we plan to introduce new tools and trends in marketing, prioritizing its digital side and, especially, social media. A dynamic lever will be our Scalextric Club, which we will strengthen in its Compact side, without forgetting the 1:32 scale that is already preparing big surprises for next year.

- How do you want to position Scalextric in the market?

- This year 2018 we focus on Compact that has great virtues in its size and price, keeping all the excitement of the game and the functionality of Scalextric.

- How has the toy sector evolved in recent years? What tendencies do you think will mark the sector in the coming years?

- The technology has been the leading vector that marks life for years and this also applies and will apply to the toy. The key is to know how to carry out a miscegenation between the traditional toy and new technologies.
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